Friday, October 4, 2013

Copy Cat Art

I love pinterest. Craft ideas, recipes, fashion, gardening tips, interior design ideas and this..

lots of this...

My mom was was getting rid of this little yellow vase so I took it home. 

It's been in our laundry room pantry ever since. I wanted to add some inspirational pieces of art around the house but I've been struggling to find an alternative to big cursive wall decals. (Not hating, just wanted something more low key)

Glass paint would be best obviously but I buy craft supplies at random when I find good deals so I try to work with what I have. I didn't know which of these mediums would work best on glass so I did a test on the bottom.

The sharpie was hardest to get off (surprise!) so I got to use the easiest one! Yay!

  1. Choose a design
  2. Draw away! (the glass rubbed clean with 409 for fixing mistakes)
  3. 2 coats of clear spray gloss
I added little dots of the gold paint in those little circles on top and bottom before I sprayed :)

Another thing I like to look at and pin is art. I love floral patterns and prints like these:

I had a blank canvas sitting around for months so I put some floral and printing together:

I'm sure I will do a few more projects like this soon. Christmas is coming up and I love giving handmade gifts :)

Happy Friday to all!