Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Arch

Alex and I got married at our church and to decorate the sanctuary for our wedding, we wanted to make a flowered arch to stand under. We started with a basic metal rod arch and flowers from Michael's and a bunch of clearance christmas lights from walmart.

Alex bought and cut strips of white lattice from home depot and attached them to the arch with clear zip ties. (cutting off the excess of course) Then I attached the lights to the arch, weaving them around the lattice. Once that was done, I attached the flowers by snipping them short and just twisting them around the lattice and lights. Most silk flowers have wire stems.

To keep it steady, Alex made stands using wood boards and metal rods. (See, this arch came with stakes for feet because it was originally intended to be put in the ground.) And, Voila!

After the wedding, we kept the arch up at our apartment until we moved. When we did, we didn't really have a place for it and truthfully, it's sort of big to keep as a piece of every day furniture. Besides I wanted to grow something on it..

So these days, the lights are strung up between the shed and a big tree in our backyard. The arch has a vine growing on it and I recently planted morning glories (not pictured) that are growing fast! I have a project going with the flowers that will come in a future post. (If I EVER finish it..) 

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