Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moroccan Wall Stencil

I've seen moroccan wall stenciling all over pinterest for a while now and I wanted to pull off this look somewhere in our house. I first thought I would do our half bath but I really don't think I have the patience required to do a whole room.. or a whole wall for that matter. I wanted to get this done quickly and without too much elbow grease.

Our kitchen looked like this when we moved in :

The whole house was painted white. I left several rooms white but I like color so I went with these:

<< living room color - dining room color>>

I left the opposite wall in the kitchen white but I wanted to do the stenciling across the top of the cabinets. It would have been much easier to leave it white and paint the lines with the blue (It looks closer to blue in real life) but I thought the opposite way would look better.

I painted the color when I painted the dining room. Then I printed out a stencil from someone off pinterest >> I didn't follow the directions on the stencil because I wanted to create a "double line" look. I traced it onto cardboard, cut it out and taped a tiny level onto the front. I don't know how much it helped in keeping everything straight but something worked! I used the paper cut out for corners and awkward spots.

On the end of the left side I painted a simple white line down the seam. On the right, the end joins with a white wall so the line wasn't needed.

All in all, I think it took about three days total for tracing and painting. This was the thickest paint I could find but that blue is super rich so after one coat it looked pretty uneven. I ended up doing two coats.. Alex said he liked it and I told him he had better like it because that's how it's going to look for a while!

Pretty kitchen = Happy girl


  1. Looks a-mazing Sarah! Stenciling can be the worssssst, but totally pays off.

    1. Truth! My arms were aching for days lol Thanks Lisa! :)