Wednesday, January 16, 2013

End of the Elephant

 For the past four years my husband, Alex,  has worked for The Red Elephant. He started on Valentine's day in 2009 in one city and then in the fall of 2010 transferred to one in a different city. The first being local to MY home town, the second, to his. I can't say I'm sad to see him leave.. his new job will mean a lot more time off (40-50 hour work weeks as opposed to 60-70) and a lot less stress! He's three days into his first week and so far he is loving it! 

I went to the restaurant on his last day with a friend to have dinner and visit everyone. I also realized that after four years of working there, I didn't have one single picture of him at work! So, maybe to his embarrassment, I showed up with my camera and snapped a few of him and his co workers :)


Right before taking this picture, this bro gives Alex a big sloppy kiss on his cheek and then fakes it for the picture. lol

I heard that after we left, he got pied in the face. Some silly tradition they have. :) Sorry I missed it but glad he was so honored. On to the next adventure! Hopefully this good weather lasts through the weekend. I'm ready for the beach! 

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