Monday, September 30, 2013

Pretty Pots

I had several ideas for dressing up these pots but I couldn't decide which I wanted to do. So I thought, why not try them all?

I started with a few ugly pots that have all been used before but new plain terra cotta pots are usually pretty inexpensive.

I gave them all a good scrub in the sink with dish soap before getting started.

The first one I worked on was the little one in the middle. I'd seen this idea done before (link listed below) and I had a decorative oven mitt with great patterns to use for it.

<-- Scissors, fabric scraps, & mod podge

I started by cutting the fabric off the mitt and then cutting the patterns apart.


  1. Cut each piece to desired size. I used strips for this pot but you can do random squares, circles, whatever you please!
  2. Lightly brush small area on pot with mod podge and press fabric piece down
  3. Brush mod podge on edges of each piece applied
  4. Repeat until bottom portion is covered
  5. Coat bottom pot with mod podge and let dry
  6. Repeat process for lip
  7. Let dry 24/48 hrs before use
  8. Either use a pot liner or keep your new plant in it's original plastic container to prevent moldy fabric.

The second one I played with was the brown one. I like the whole ombre/two tone thing so that's basically what I was going for. I used the khaki paint I used for the tiny tables project and the same kind of paint(I ripped off the label) in blue.

I painted the top half of the pot with the khaki paint and let it dry overnight. Then I painted the saucer and bottom half of the pot blue. 

For the pot, I first tried this..

It worked at creating an even coat but the edge wasn't straight. I let it dry and tried to use painter's tape but because of the angles, it was too much trouble so I just eyeballed it with a sponge brush.

The last one I worked on was the gnarly pot on the left.

First, I tried this..

Looks nice, right? It turned into a thick drippy nightmare and I ended up using a sponge brush to paint the whole thing.

I wanted to add a little frill so I cut a piece off of a top that was about to go in the trash anyway. 

I used a hot glue gun to attach the fringe and called it a day!

This was fun ^_^

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