Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello again.

SO MUCH has happened. We moved into a house that needed MAJOR plumbing work. But after a whirlwind of floods and contractors and issues and anxieties we're in the home stretch. We finished tiling the bathrooms and we're about a half day away from finishing all the wood flooring for the living and dining rooms.
During some of the major surgeries to the house, Alex and I stayed in a hotel for 7 nights. We brought our dogs and took advantage of the hot tub, trying to make the best out of it. As usual, I took a million pictures of our dogs and barely got anything good but lets start the ball rolling by having a picture post, shall we?

< Abby & Ruby >

Best/Worst part about staying in a hotel : Eating bad for us food for every meal

There was a candy machine in the lobby and we had a ton of change so I ate about a dozen candy bars that week too.

Sometimes there was boredom. Results = sweet dance moves and notepad drawing art shows

Lots of love and pool time too

Taking time away from this blog wasn't really a choice so much as a side effect of life being crazy but I have a few projects to post and a few still in the works. :) Happy Monday to all!

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