Monday, August 5, 2013

Tiny tables

So, I have these two little tables that had been on my to-do list for a while. It was march and we were about to move. Even though I didn't know the tornado of issues that was coming my way, I still assumed I would be too busy to want to get crafty with two old little tables so I decided to get them done in the week before we left..

Let's start with this one. I got this table for free when a woman that lived next to my parents moved out and left a lifetime's supply of crap out front. (also snagged a metal plant stand ;) 

I just did a quick and sloppy sand down and removed that awful knob. (I could have revamped it too.. maybe a bold color or gold.. but I had a good one on hand)

2 coats of the paint and a spray gloss coat on top (not shown but I used the cheap stuff)and voila!

I got this table for $10 at a giant flea market a few years ago. It had a broken leg which Alex fixed and needed some love but this one pretty much went through the same process..

 I painted it blue and did the feet in the khaki color I used for the last table.

And here they are in all their present day glory!

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