Monday, January 7, 2013

Cabinet Makeover

I love making old furniture new again! This cabinet was $8 from a thrift store. It was $16 but I showed up on one of those half off days. (love that!) It's SO heavy but heavy = sturdy and we really needed something good for our big fish tank. As you can see, it was covered in scratches and scrapes and the right handle was broken. No prob!

First I took off the doors, hinges and handles and cleaned it up. Then I painted the top, sides and doors leaving the back, inside and the edges of the doors unpainted. If a painted surface rubs against a painted surface you get peeling and/or sticking. Then I poly'd the whole thing once and a did a second coat on top.

Cabinet : $8
Paint : $8.47 (It was in the "oops" paint at walmart which is %50 off!)
Polyurethane & brush : FREE (We found them in the tool shed when we moved in )
= $16.47  

We have 3 fish tanks in our house. This one is a 55gal fresh tank with a million little community fish. We also have a 10 gal. saltwater with clowns and coral. And a 2 gal. fresh with an underwater frog in it. And thanks to this cabinet, all the "stuff" gets to be in one place! :)


  1. Looks awesome! I swear you could have a business redoing old furniture!

    1. This is the same paint from that other cabinet thing I repainted. I still remember BARELY fitting it into your car lol