Monday, December 17, 2012

The neverending scrapbook

I have been creating scrapbooks since I was about sixteen or so. My older sister made one in her senior year and after seeing how fun it can be to do and how much it really adds to the experience when looking through them, like most crafts, I was hooked.
Scrapbooking, though, is unlike a lot of crafts because there is almost no direction to it. That can make it more fun or provide more pressure depending on personality. The thing that bugs me about it is that it's never ending. It's gotten much easier through the years to get good at making quick decisions and getting the pages done in a reasonable amount of time BUT it's not exactly as easy as slipping pictures into plastic sheets either. And as soon as you have your picture pile down to the last page, a new set of pictures is done and waiting to be printed.. still, worth it.
I went through some of my more recent books and while I can't really say much as far as instructions, maybe these pages can give some inspiration!

I try to keep things other than pictures to scrap. FYI though, receipts fade and pretty much anything that isn't flat paper will either warp the page it's on or the page it's behind.

A wedding invitation, a glittery heart cut out from a gift tag and tickets to an aquarium we went to on our honeymoon <3

I like to use this positioning with the pictures when doing 12X12 scrapbooks.

All in a row pictures create a slide show feel and make for a sharp looking page.

Covering the page with pictures is good when all the pictures are full of action and all go together

Simple pages look good. Going crazy with pictures and stickers looks good too! Like I said, scrapbooking is a big free for all.

NEVER underestimate the power of cutting and pasting. I have had this book made for over a year and even though in one picture Tiffany has hands protruding from her shoulders, no one has ever noticed.

 And let's not forget about the huge mess of crap and crafts that it takes to immortalize these memories!

Happy Monday! And if you have any kids in your life, squeeze them tight today 
(and everyday)
Love to all.

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