Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Letters

My prior attitude about cherishing the season is already pretty much out the window. There is so much going on and it seems like every day something new is added to the list. Time is so hard to hold onto and lost time is never found again. 
I recently made some letters for a baby shower. I had a lot of fun making them and they made for a cute and personal addition to the decorations. So, get those crafty brains working and have some fun!

Cardboard (I used a normal box. You'll need something heavier than a cereal box.) 
paper towel roll
hot glue gun (If you haven't already experienced the immediate satisfaction that hot gluing stuff together can give, then let this be your first taste)
spray paint 

SO whatchu wanna do is..

Draw 2 big letters on the cardboard and cut them out. It's best to measure them out so they're perfect but if you want to free hand it, cut one out and trace it to the cardboard so they are both identical. Mine were I think 9 inches tall with 3 inch "legs"? Make them any size though!
Then cut your paper towel roll into 1 inch pieces. Space the pieces out on one of the letters (just eyeball it) and hot glue them down.
When the glue is all dry (in literally 30 seconds) take it outside and spray paint it. I used some fancy metallic paint because it's what I had. Any spray or acrylic paint should do fine but I encourage you to keep it black or dark. It gives off a shadowy look in the end.

Please ignore the fact that these aren't the same letters (:

While that's drying, you can get started on your other letter.
Cut a piece of fabric for the letter with enough excess around each edge to flap it over by at least a quarter inch. More is better but I'm also not into wasting! Play around with it before you glue until it looks right. The gluing part can get a little tricky with curvy letters. Just keep the front of your letter smooth (maybe even glue stick it down?)

I made all of these letters with the same fabric but different/coordinating patterns would look great too.


Gluing it all together is another tricky part. They go together basically like that. As quickly as possible (this stuff dries FAST) add hot glue to the tops of each paper towel roll piece and stick the fabric piece on top. 

I'm sure a less fickle glue can be used if you're not the flash gordon of crafting. Maybe wood glue? Elmers? Also, be sure to stand it up while the glue is still  wet or you might end up with a perpetually falling letter. And that it! You're done!

In other news, Alex and I have the next two days off to try and sell some cars and get some grown up boring house junk done. I also borrowed a BEAUTIFUL ukulele from a friend and can't put it down. I WON'T. So we'll see how much help I am! Happy Monday!

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