Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

We may or may not have been doing some holiday baking...

This year Alex got asked to make the desserts for Christmas dinner at Grandpa's house. Holiday Pix! He feels totally honored (as he should) and has been a baking machine for the last 3 days.

Pumpkin cheesecake and plain cheesecake 
(he's got that strawberry goop stuff for the top)

 Brownies and fudge!

Alex's sugar free chocolate pie (that's a link to the recipe) and more brownies. He made a huge pineapple upside down cake (that he wrapped up and put away before I could get a picture of it) and with the left over batter he made mini cakes for my pal Rachel and I to munch on yesterday (WE ATE THEM ALL)

Speaking of Rachel, can we all just agree that hand made gifts are the best?! I was only able to find time to make one person a hand made gift this year (it was a little 5 inch "R" for her place and some incense) and she made me something too!

I love it so much! It is just the prettiest thing and the perfect color. It came wrapped in a paper bag that was all fancy folded and when you opened it up, it said...

Cute, right? And a sweet reminder of Jesus' birth.
After we exchanged gifts, we hung out and watched Christmas movies while she made gifts for all her other lovelies! They all turned out perfect. All beautiful. All different. She took a picture of all of them when they were done. 

THIS is a blog I like that has a lot of neat hand made gift ideas (it's never too late, right?!) 

Last year almost everyone on my list got hand made gifts. Frames, art, scarves, more art.. I don't really think that hand made stuff is for everyone. Some people just like everything to be from a store. But hand made is sometimes not only the most personal gift to give but is also sometimes the only affordable gift to give. That was totally the case last year and even though it was tight this year, I feel very blessed to be done shopping and feeling good about everything I got for my loved ones.

Merry Christmas to all!

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