Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Retro a go-go

I bought this retro green light from a thrift store about a year ago. It was 5 dollars and slightly broken.. but beautiful! I love original pieces and this one was perfectly suited to our style and did I mention that it was FIVE dollars? 

It took a little electrical tlc to get it working but it hung in our dining room for about a year, lookin like this:

We recently moved things around and this room is now a den. The living room was left with a dark corner that I became obsessed with. I tried several different lamps and even shopped around for something new. I ended up finding another five dollar light fixture but it was for the den.

The green light originally came with a heavy gold chain/chord which I always loved so we kept it out in the tool shed this whole time. Alex put a switch on the chord and hung it up in the dark corner! 

And then, just for fun, we put a green bulb in. Christmas party!!