Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Alex and I were given free tickets to sea world from one of our close friends. It was such a thoughtful gesture and we had an amazing time! The park is open from 9-6 and we were there from 9-6. There was so much that we saw and did that I could go on and on. Just a few things. If you ARE going, don't miss the dolphin show, shark encounter or the manta aquarium. We saw the show twice. Those people have the best life! They look like they are just SO happy to be swimming around with dolphins.. And of course, Shamu is a must see.

Nervous glance at approaching family

Cool as a cucumber even though the family was watching us

The bayside skyride was a simple ride up a 300 foot pole in a rotating room with lots of picture opportunities. The flamingos were beautiful and there were some babies too! Although this tough guy wouldn't let us take a picture without biting the camera. He don't play.

asleep ALL day

 We went to lunch at the Spice Mill and took a long break to rest our legs. They had landshark on tap (which tasted suspiciously like bud light) but never the less, this moment of rest and refeuling left us feeling blessed, happy and quite satisfied.

Dolphins from below the water

We spent the second half of our day watching shows. We sat in the soak zone and didn't get soaked. (Thank GOD) Though I think Alex was a little disappointed (:

"Blue Horizon" Dolphin show

 And let us not forget Shamu..

Love that baby Shamu on the right.<3 Wales and Dolphins are seriously awesome! We had a great time and ended our day by watching A Christmas Story and eating pizza all night.. 

Thank you God for these sweet memories made.


  1. No way, dude! That looks like an awesome time. I haven't been to Sea World since I was like 15. I think a trip is in order...

    1. Yeah it was so much fun.. They had a mini water park/kids area that we didn't go to but I bet it would be fun for your little ones :) OH and they have a dippin dots stand around every corner!