Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sugar Free Chocolate Pie

My husband made this recipe earlier this year after having a bad reaction to sugar. We have searched far and wide for different sweets that don't have sugar in them and came up with this sugar free version of one of our favorite kinds of pie. Chocolate till the deatha me.


1 box of Voortman's sugar free chocolate chip cookies
1 stick of salted sweet cream butter
10 cups of sugar free chocolate Jello pudding cups
(they DO make sugar free pudding mix that you can make yourself but you have to add milk which has a lot of sugars-even skim) 
1 8oz. tub of sugar free cool whip
1 packet of splenda

1.Preheat oven to 400 degrees - Grease pan

2.Crunch up box of cookies 
( set some chips aside for topping)
3.Melt butter and mix with cookie crumbs
4. Form crust in pan
5.Bake for 7 minutes
6.Immediately put in fridge and cool for 1 hour (reform every 15 minutes as it cools. It helps to use a timer)
7.Spoon pudding into crust

 8.sprinkle 1 packet splenda over pudding for added sweetness (optional)
9.spoon cool whip onto pie and crumble remaining chocolate chips on top
10.Chill in the fridge for 24+ hours before serving


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