Saturday, September 7, 2013

House Hunt

I know this is so late but I had a few pictures from our house hunt back in march that I wanted to share!

We started looking to move in february, hunted through march and moved in april. When we were packing to move out of our old house, I snapped a few "last second" pictures.

Wish I had some before pictures of these flower beds. We totally redid them.

Alex's mom laid the first few rings of bricks down around the tree a long time ago and while we lived there, I used a bunch of random bricks to lay down the rest. I also extended the back patio on the other side (not shown) including a red/yellow checkered BBQ area.

Alex and I loved sitting on this porch to watch the sunset.. Quiet dirt road in a little farm town, a million colors and then a million stars :)

Adieu 1705!

Pretty parks

The pictures of these houses online were NEVER what the real deal was like. This house was small but pretty online and completely trashed in person. The realtor told us that though this was one of the worst she'd seen, it wasn't totally uncommon. A lot of people were angry when losing their houses back during the real estate crash and before getting evicted, after getting foreclosed on, they would trash the house. Everything was broken. Even the wall mounted ceramic soap dishes were smashed with a hammer.

This house said "minor repair needed" and when we got there, the roof was caved in.

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