Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Plumbing Fix & Pix

Dealing with disaster becomes a time of trials for any couple and I feel proud of how much we've stuck together. It means when things get tough, we get closer. I'm lucky to have a sweet supportive husband that continuously perseveres over adversity. Speaking of adversity..

About two weeks after moving into our new house, we lost all draining and flushing. The plumbers came out and did a temporary fix. Then overnight the half bath toilet overflowed poopy water, ruining the brand new wood flooring in the dining room. The pipe exiting the house was just rotted away. It took 7 days to replace all the sewer pipes in the house and in the process, they had to cut up all the brand new tile in both bathrooms..

Dining floor after the flood. I really couldn't capture it on camera but it was so bad and covered the entire room.

Yes. That is what you think it is.
Did I mention it's THIS ^ water that flooded the dining room?? Yes.

<-- Back of the house before. 
They dug a trench around the house to avoid more damage. -->

Tunnel under the driveway.
It was like 10ft long and 4ftdeep so this picture was hard to get.

<-- Your guess is as good as mine.
After the job was done.-->

Big Bath

1/2 Bath

<-- Before | After -->

New pipes in the wall too

Laundry room

 <-- Before

<-- After + Paint -->

 Throughout the weeks of fixing all the damage to the house, absolutely everything that could go wrong, did.

And let us not forget the hideous mess

Toilet in our hallway. NBD.

On to the next adventure!

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