Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No Pain, No Gain

Sometimes life is awesome and hands you random treats. When Alex started at a new job last february the first thing that he had to do was clean out a warehouse that had been through a fire. The warehouse didn't actually burn, just a machine in it. But the fire caused everything to be totally covered in ash. A lot was wasted but among the rubble was a perfectly good (and seriously dirty) weight machine. Boss man saw Alex looking at it and asked him if he wanted it. Of course he said yes and when it came home it looked like this...

Impossible to see in pictures but not only was it covered in black soot, but it also had a scary amount of metal shavings all over it. (They make metal parts in the shop it was sitting in) Yeah, I went ahead and let Alex take care of cleaning up and putting together this one.

I did my part by recovering the pads which were all cut or torn a few times over. I used the same fabric Alex used when he recovered those bench pads for me.

They look a little silly from the back.

I could have put fabric backing on it but I don't have any and didn't think it was worth the money.

And here she is all fixed up!

I use this machine a lot and it still looks like it did the first day I covered them (5 months ago). Winning!

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