Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sofa Skirt Snip

It was last summer and we were looking to replace our couch. I saw this one at a habitat for humanity store. We were there to look at lighting fixtures but I checked it out anyway. It was $80 and I loved it but my husband didn't think he could deal with a pink couch.. 

I don't blame him either. It's hard to judge anything at places like that. Even though it was obviously a treasure, it was surrounded by a bunch of bad couches, faded rugs and knick knacks everywhere. It was hard to imagine it at home.

Over the course of 2 months and 3 more trips (we did a lot of home improvement projects on our last house), the couch was there getting cheaper and cheaper. $40, $30 and finally $18. The price was on my side so he finally went for it. 
My selling line was "If you hate it when we get home and we toss it right away, we only wasted $18." 
Like I would ever let him toss it..

It looked like that until right after Alex redid all the floors. We were in the home stretch and had a ton of free space we don't usually have in the living room, so I used the opportunity to do something I had been wanting to do since we brought it home. I had no idea how I was going to get rid of that couch skirt but I was set on doing it. We had too much going on to spend much time or ANY money on it so I got creative :)

I flipped the couch on it's back (and later the front) to make it easier for me. I held the skirt tight with my left hand and stapled it down with my right. I just eye balled the spacing, cut the fabric pretty crooked and left the corners for last.

This was the front middle leg. I just cut it as close as I could and tucked it in.
The corners got a little tricky. I just used a ton of hot glue and folding skills. Looks a little silly from the bottom.

But from a normal perspective I think it turned out pretty good!

I'd like to paint the feet something awesome like gold (don't judge me) but I haven't gotten Alex on board with that one... yet ;)

And here she is all done!

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